Santa Fe City releases English version of the Resilience Strategy

With the goal of bringing Santa Fe’s approach and ideas on urban resilience to the entire world, the local Resilience Office just released the English version of this important document that will be vital at guiding the city development in the future.

The Resilience Strategy is the outcome of a collaborative process developed by the city of Santa Fe
(Argentina) since 2015 with the support of the 100 Resilient Cities Program, pioneered by the Rockefeller
Foundation, to foster urban resilience worldwide.

This document is organized into different sections. The Introduction includes the Urban Resilience Framework. The “Context and Challenges faced by Santa Fe” section describes the city strengths, weaknesses and emerging challenges through the lens of resilience. The “Resilience Strategy” section comprises the city vision, 4 pillars, 13 objectives and a description of 50 initiatives to achieve the set targets.

This document is a call to action, a dynamic statement of goals and projects that shows the pledge made by Santafesinians to build a more resilient city.

You can download the document here.